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Dreamgirls a True Dream

Dreamgirls a True Dream

The tale of fortune, fame and the betrayal of show business is what the Christmas Day hit Dreamgirls was all about. Three childhood friends who had been singing together their whole lives first got to live their dreams, but later realized the struggle and heartache of the music industry.

With an all-star cast portraying the make-shift story of Diana Ross and the Supremes, Beyonce Knowles, Jaime Foxx and Eddie Murphy definitely captured audience’s attention. But a phenomenal performance by American Idol-made Jennifer Hudson not only made the movie worth seeing, but made the movie to die for.

Hudson’s debut and solo recital of Jennifer Holiday’s “And I Am Telling You” stole the show and even earned a round of applause in many theatres. Hudson played the role of Effie White, a chubby, yet talented vocalist who was moved to the background for a thinner, lighter skinned “friend” who was seen as better looking by Effie’s boyfriend Curtis Taylor (Foxx).

Knowles played the part of Deena Jones, the “friend” who became the lead singer of the Dreametts, later known as Deena Jones and the Dreams. She later wed Curtis Taylor (Foxx).

A friendly man willing to help the young singers, Foxx portrayed the group’s manager. His role bared a striking resemblance to Barry Gordy of Motown Records.

Murphy, a talented and experienced actor, played Jimmy Early, a big shot who seemed to be based on the lives of the late James Brown and Jackie Wilson. Surprise entrances by Jaleel White (Urkle) and Danny Glover along with original songs especially made for the movie ensured there was never a dull moment in the film. Though White’s role was small, it’s always pleasant to see a former teen star come back to the screen.

It makes you happy, it makes you sad and it makes you sing. This is a family film with possibly several academy award nominees.

Originally a Broadway production, brought to the big screen Dreamgirls will wrap you up into the story and have you never wanting it to end. It’s deemed to be one to watch over and over again for years to come memorizing songs and lines.

Singing, dancing, life, death and love are just a few reasons to run out and see the movie ASAP. Hudson, Knowles, Foxx and Murphy make four more reasons this flick is well worth the money and time.

“And you, and you, and you….you’re gonna love it.”


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