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12 Sam Worthington Movies

12 Sam Worthington Movies

Sam Worthington is a rising star with many great movies. Here is a list of some of Sam Worthington’s movies.

  1. “Avatar” – A man living in a wheelchair is sent to the planet of Pandora to take the place of his dead twin brother. Through the scientific project he learns about the ways of the Na’vi who are the local alien humanoid tribe that lives there. After becoming one of them and getting so close, Jake has to choose between the organization or the tribe that he recently became a part of.
  2. “Terminator Salvation” -Robots have taken over the world and humans are battling for survival.
  3. “Clash of the Titans” – Man is upset with the Gods and the Gods displeasure sets a date for the princess get executed to the likes of the Kraken. Perseus must save the princess and protect our world from the likes of Hades and his evil ways..
  4. “The Debt” -In 1965 3 Israeli agents capture and kill as Nazi war criminal. 35 years later that man claims that he is still alive and 1 of the existing agents must find the truth.
  5. “Last Night” – A married couple are apart for 1 night. The man is on a business trip with a woman with whom he’s attracted and his wife by chance runs into an ex-lover.
  6. “Rogue” – An American journalist encounters a man-eating crocodile in the Australian outback.
  7. “Wrath of the Titans” – Perseus returns in the sequel to “Clash of the Titans” to battle the likes of the Gods.
  8. “Avatar 2” -(currently in production) Jake Sully and Nytiri return in the sequel to “Avatar”.
  9. “The Fields” – In Texas a homicide detective teams up with a New York cop to investigate some unsolved murders.
  10. “Man on a Ledge” – An ex cop turned con is threatening t jump from a ledge. The NYPD dispatches a psychologist to talk him down, but unbeknown to the police, this is a set up for a big diamond heist.
  11. “Drift” – 2 brothers work together through tough times to start their surf industry.
  12. “Commando”


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